Will all lives return to the Underworld after their death? Maybe no. Actually, some deceased called "Undead Wanders" were unable to arrive the Underworld smoothly.To maintain the good running of the world, those Undead Wanders would be taken back by Underworld Bringers. All the Underworld Bringers only followed the order of the only dominator, the Underworld Queen. But the queen now had nowhere to be found.

S Cerberus

The League would not have anticipated that the beasts on this continent could organize such an efficient and orderly attack. No matter the executives, guardians, or the head of guardians, Cerberus, everyone's mind was blank.The guards had begun to resist the invasion in the first place, but in front of the overwhelming army of beasts, these efforts were just a mantis.


Another strong man collapsed in the ring."Anyone else?!" Thor looked around arrogantly, and no one dared to respond - no one dared to challenge her here anymore."Bunch of wimps!" Thor dragged her hammer and walked out.


When discussing the oldest race in Continent Valar, we were not talking about the Elves, but that two mysterious races which were not known to everyone: the Giants and the Dragalia.Back to the day the continent was formed, the "Primal Dragons" were born with the Giants at the same time. Each resided on the borders of the continent, they refrained from contacting each other.Though the book said that the two races never met, this continent actually existed a Giant and Dragon hybrid. Her name was Hephaestus, the Dragon of Conflicts.


Though had defended the invasion of Beasts successfully, the League's vitality was severely undermined. The king was too old to wield power, who would be the new leader? People would recommend his three outstanding and admired daughters, aka the Three Princesses of the League. They were each established in a different field: The eldest princess was good at improving people's livelihood and social security, while the second did well in managing the state's finances, and the youngest was a rare diplomatic genius.However, all of them were not good at military struggle, which was extremely fatal at this time. Worse still, the eldest princess, Atropos, was missing.

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